Welcome to the DOG BLOG! Below are products we personally use and highly recommend.


We free feed, meaning we leave food out for our dogs 24/7. Huskies are naturally a grazing breed, meaning they will eat when they are hungry and not overindulge. We find free feeding to be a great tool in preventing resource guarding and keeping our dogs a healthy weight.

Under 12 months:


We reccomend only feeding a vet formulated and approved food that has been tested in food trials for safety. Personally we use and recommend Eukanuba. We rotate the chicken medium breed and adult lamb for our adults. We will start the puppies on large breed puppy chicken but you can rotate with lamb as well if you'd like. If your dog is over 55lbs or expected to be over 55lbs as an adult, you should use the large breed formula over the medium breed formula.

Over 12 months:




Freeze Dried Treats

There are so many different types of freeze dried single ingredient treats that are very healthy for your pup. Some of these are hearts, liver, trachea, and gullets.


Fish Skins
Any type of fish skins or dried fish is healthy for your pup and they will absolutely love it. You can also feed canned or frozen oysters or sardines.

Bones/ Chews

Your dog can have pretty much any raw meat, bone, or fish, in fact it is some of the best things you can feed your dog(s)!

We do stay away from pork and any chicken raised with antibiotics or steroids. Raw bone is easily digestible and safe for your dog, however cooked or dehydrated bones typically are NOT. Some bones can be hard on their teeth so always keep an eye out for over wearing of the teeth.


Beef Spareribs

These bones are hardy and will last quite a while. They help keep teeth clean and the red meat is full of nutrients. They are messy however so feed in a crate or tiled area until the meat as been eaten. We find the best beef spareribs to be sold at Winco but most grocery stores carry them. 

Bully Sticks

Thick braided bully sticks are great for your keeping your puppy busy and are not hard on their teeth. The best place to bully sticks is bestbullysticks.com


Cow Hooves from Jones Natural Chews

We have searched high and low for high quality hooves at a good price. Petsuppliesdelivered.com sells bulk packs of these hooves made by Jones Natural Chews. Forewarning, they can stink a little but your dogs will love them! 


Sardines, Mackerel, and Oysters

Canned Sardines, oysters, or Mackerel can be found at any grocery store and are a small fish with big benefits. These fish have lots of omega-3s and will keep your dogs skin and coat looking great.You can usually find whole frozen fish at asian markets. 


Supplements are always optional and are dependent upon each dogs individual needs however these are some supplements we have used or our currently using that have positively benefited our dogs. 


Iceland Pure Fish Oil (Salmon or Anchovy/ Sardine formula)

A great oil that lasts a long time and can be added to your dogs food with no smell. Helps with shedding, coat quality, and skin dryness. 


Zinc Picolinate (Nurticost Brand)

Some arctic breeds do not get enough zinc from commercial dog food diets due to evolving on raw and will experience symptoms from a lack of zinc. These symptoms are usually hair loss around the eyes, mouth, or nose. In more serious cases, some dogs experience seizures. To solve this issue the dog must be supplemented with zinc. Each dog can react to zinc types differently, however, most dogs do best on Zinc Picolinate.  

Kennels/ Crates


Plastic Kennel

Any brand of plastic kennel should work as long as it is not a flimsy plastic. Some good brand name plastic kennels are Vari and petmate. We never recommend wire kennels as they are easy to break out of, can be dangerous to your dog, allow the dog to pull items through the crate or destroy things near/ under the crate. Dogs tend to feel more safe and secure in a plastic kennel since it is dark and enclosed.  


Impact Crate

For a more secure and lifelong lasting crate, Impact crates are amazing and sure to see your dog safe. 



Large Kong

Fill with peanut butter, canned pumpkin, treats etc. for a mentally stimulating game/ treat. You can even freeze the kong to make the treat inside harder to get and longer lasting. 


Rope Toys


Chuck it Fetch Medley Balls


Large Kong Wubba


Benebone Wishbone


Holee Roller Ball (Medium, Large, or Jumbo)


Any Kind of Stuff-less toys


Penn Tennis balls

Tougher and longer lasting than pet marketed tennis balls


Jolly Ball Romp n Roll

A favorite in our house


Floppy Fish

A favorite puppy toy. An electronic fish that flops all around


Giggle Ball

A durable ball that makes noises as it rolls round

Dog Beds


Kuranda Dog Beds

These beds are the only truly indestructible dog beds out there and they are 110% worth the money. You can choose whether you want a PVC or aluminum frame and the fabric. They keep your dog cool, off the ground, and are very easy to clean. Ebay has the best prices on this bed. 


Coolaroo Elevated Dog Beds

These beds are great for non chewers and are very inexpensive. In our home we use them outside. They keep your dog off the ground and are easy to hose down. The fabric is easily replaceable and also has a limited warranty against weather damage.

Harnesses/ Collars/ Leashes


No Pull Harness With Front and Back Clip

Poypet on Amazon is a good brand for these harnesses. The front clip is great for keeping your dog from pulling and the back clip is great for pulling. Our dogs use these for both walks and pulling us on bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. Please do not have your puppy pull you until at least 1 year of age as it can be bad on their joints before then. Do not use harnesses that go across the chest to restrict shoulder movement as these can also damage joints. Always add a tag to your dogs harness just in case.


Rope Leash

We find these to be the most durable, easy to wash (machine washable, and comfortable to use. 


Waist Attachment with Bungee Leash

Great for hiking, walks, anything you need to be hands free for. 



Furminator Rake Brush

Great for long haired dogs. It easily pulls out undercoat. This brush does not work well for shorter haired dogs. Make sure you buy the rake brush and not the furminator with the blade on it as it will cut your dog's fur. 


Hertz Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Great for all coat types and pulling undercoat out. Has a push button for easy hair release and cleaning. 


Tear Free Baby Shampoo

For cleaning around the face


Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner

Much better than any dog formulated washes we have tried and used by top show dogs. For the body and back of the head only, careful not to get it in your pups eyes


Shelandy Pet Dryer

Great blowdryer for dogs with variable speeds, heat, and attachments. Works amazingly to dry your dog and get loose hair out. 

Cleaning Products


Angry Orange Cleaner

Amazing cleaner that removes urine smell from carpets and fabrics


Top Performance 256 Disinfectant 

Great for everyday cleaning on all surfaces. Kills every disease, parasite, and virus including Parvo, distemper, rabies, etc. One bottle lasts a very long time as it is diluted to 2oz per 1 gallon of water. I keep a spray bottle with a diluted solution to use on accidents.


Vacmaster Shop Vac

Amazing for hard floors. Picks up all hair, crumbs, and dirt without ever clogging. 


Shark Navigator Vacuum

Great for pet hair on carpets

Bowls/ Feeders

Stainless steel, galvanized steel, or glass bowls/ buckets are always the best for food and water. Stay away from plastic. 


Chow Hound Feeder

Great for multi dog households. We tape the inside open on ours. 12lb or 25lb option


Galvanized Steel Bucket

For water, many sizes available. Easy to clean



Toltrazuril from horseprerace.com

Effective against Coccidia at 1ml per 10lbs of body weight given once.


Safeguard Goat Dewormer

Effective against Giardia and worms at 1ml per 4lbs of body weight given once a day for 5 days then repeated again in a week.