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 Below are products we personally use and highly recommend. These are amazon affiliate links.



We free feed, meaning we leave food out for our dogs 24/7. Huskies are naturally a grazing breed, meaning they will eat when they are hungry and not overindulge. We find free feeding to be a great tool in preventing resource guarding and keeping our dogs a healthy weight. This is the food we raise our puppies and dogs on. It is an all life stages food so it can be fed at any age.

Treats/ Chews

Your dog can have pretty much any raw meat, bone, or fish, in fact it is some of the best things you can feed your dog(s)!

We do stay away from pork and any chicken raised with antibiotics or steroids. Raw bone is easily digestible and safe for your dog, however cooked or dehydrated bones typically are NOT. Some bones can be hard on their teeth so always keep an eye out for over wearing of the teeth.

Supplements/ Dewormer

Supplements are always optional and are dependent upon each dogs individual needs however these are some supplements we have used or our currently using that have positively benefited our dogs. Dogs of all ages can easily pick up parasites. Fenbendazole at a dose of 1ml per 2.2lbs of body weight for 5 days and repeating again in a week will get rid of most parasites.

Kennels/ Beds


Harnesses/ Collars/ Leashes



Please do research or work with a trainer n how to properly use an e-collar if you choose to train with one. E collars are amazing training tools but must be used properly

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